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Our Story

The idea of this camp originated from our own personal desire to find a summer camp in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic (where Tanya is from) for our two children Evan and Camila, then 10 and 8 respectively. We wanted them to spend the days socializing with other children their age in a fun and engaging environment; to have a place where they could play outdoor games, participate in artistic activities and learn to connect to the culture and to the land.  Well, since there was no such place to be found, we decided to create one ourselves.The more we thought about it, the more the vision evolved as we saw an opportunity to create a place where children in the community could interact with other children around common values of community and environmental responsibility. The Montas family was eager and excited to help. We decided to name the Camp "Campamento Las Margaritas" in memory of our beloved sister.

Our Students
Our students are local children between the ages of 8 and 15 who have demonstrated strong academic skills but, as yet, have not had the opportunity to develop these skills.  These are students who have been identified by the principal of the school as having strong leadership potentials.

Everyday the students spend their time participating in the daily lessons, creating and sharing their own opinions and stories, and discovering how they can make a difference in their community.



Campamento Las Margaritas was opened in 2010 to serve a community in need.  Through Campamento Las Margaritas, we have been able to donate hundreds of books to the local library, distribute books to the children in nearby neighborhoods, plant trees in the school grounds, and also administer group cleanups around the school.