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¡Play Ball!

The Coach of The Bandits shares his gratitude.

Here's Sarah's speech!

Through Ana Reyes, our local contact in Las Galeras we were able to meet with the coach and a few of the players of the local girls' softaball team. Sarah gave a great speech as she delivered the equipment. One of the girls from the team also came to the camp. She attended the meeting where we donated the equipment and came back beaming after she went home with a new softball and some athletic socks!!! Thanks again to Sarah for engineering this softball equipment drive and to all the folks in Cheshire who contributed their gently used equipment. It really makes a difference in these girls' lives.

Donating the equipment to the local softball team in San Cristobal

Doña Yolanda dice "Mujeres al Poder!"

Baseball is king in The Dominican Republic. Many, many boys start playing baseball when they can barely walk and grow up dreaming of becoming the next Pedro Martinez or David Ortiz. But, what about the girls? Slowly but surely girls are beginning to get into the action as softball teams are

popping up in various parts of the country. In our

endeavor to promote gender equity we want to help

out. We ran a softball equipment drive this Spring,

spearheaded by Sarah Capute, one of this year's teen

leaders. Sarah, an avid softball player and a friend

collected loads and loads of gently used softball

equipment which we shipped down to the D.R. Some

of the equipment has already been distributed to a local softball team in San Cristobal and the rest will be transported up to Las Galeras. The plan is to incorporate softball into the programming of the camp we will be running there (with the female participants of course). Then, after the camp is over, we will donate the equipment to the local community.