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In partnership with our "Club de Lectura," we will also be incorporating a new writing workshop with our youth.  Through this writing club, we will explore the world of creative writing, while practicing and developing the skills needed to write structured pieces of prose.

Writing Club

Book Club

We are excited to share our new labor of love, Club de Lectura Las Margaritas! Through this project, the youth of Madre Vieja, a suburb of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic will be provided with the opportunity to participate in a meaningful literacy experience. San Cristobal's Main library offers limited resources on reading materials for young adults and books can not be checked out.

Our book club will provide a setting for students to meet on a regular basis to read and discuss books. The Club will be led by Maria Victoria Carreño, a renowned Dominican poet and life-long educator.

We hope to register 30 youngsters to participate this first time around. Our goal is to increase the number of participants in the future. For more information on how you can contribute, check our donation page.